Welcome to our anniversary site. Here we will collect your ideas & stories and keep you up to date with talks, events and exhibitions coming up.

We are excited about the potential of making 2018 a year to remember! The 150 places, voices and faces idea is just that – a way to get you going.  Did you know that a time capsule from 1913 was found when the Paderewski building was being demolished in 2010? Another amazing fact is that the domed shape of the operating theatre in the  Department of Clinical Neuroscience’s was designed that way so that it would not cast a shadow, who would have thought it?

Perhaps you have some unused medical artefacts from yesteryear languishing in your offices; you came across those old photos of ward events, but never knew what to do with them; or you have a story to tell, but didn’t know who to tell it to.

Now is your moment!

Share what you know about the Western General Hospital and we will do the same, simply email us at WGH150@nhslothian.scot.nhs.uk.