The weather forecast for the ‘festival of running’ hadn’t been all that brilliant. Strom Ali on the Wednesday had been impressive in its ferocity and further wind and rain had been forecast for the rest of the week including Sunday. I’m a seasoned runner and not put off by a bit of weather, however I can’t say I look forward to going out there in the wind and rain……. I needn’t have worried. It was a glorious sunny day and although a bit blustery near perfect for running!

An impressive 86 folk had signed up for ‘Team Western’. Thirty-five were running the half and fifty-one the 10k. Team T-Shirts for the occasion had been organised by Adeline Tan and through the amazing coordination skills of Fiona Johnson – ably assisted by Emily O’Brien, most runners were dressed in Team Western colours.

I had offered to take photographs before and during the half marathon which had qualified me as an honorary Team Western member. I arrived in good time and managed some group photos of runners before the run. Then before I knew it we were off. All I can say is that taking photographs whilst running a half marathon proved to be a bit of a challenge…….and played havoc with my pacing.

I managed to capture some of the efforts being put in by Team Western but nothing as professional as Gregor who is responsible for the team photos that accompany this article. Well done to all runners. You did brilliantly and hope to see you at the Edinburgh Park Run or possibly at the Edinburgh Marathon Festival next May!

Team Western Half Marathon runners

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