We have two Western Revue LPs one from 1966 properly recorded and a bootleg version from 1969. For the younger amongst you they look just like 12inch singles. For the older amongst you the twelve-inch single is a type of gramophone record that has wider groove spacing and  is commonly used in disco and dance music genres, where DJs use them to play in discos or clubs.

Full of good and possibly sometimes somewhat questionable humour the staff threw themselves into providing entertainment, as the opening paragraph of the backcover illustrates: The stoical enough to have endured the Western Revue 1966, will have realised that this was quite the most lavish extravaganza yet staged at the Western General Hospital. This was the show which defied the usual descriptive superlatives, “fabulous”, “stupendous”, “fantastic”. It was undeniably not only the best but the “most”. Minds must surely boggle at the unprecedented production statistics….the show enjoyed a record run of three whole nights and production costs soared to an incredible total of £14 3s. 11½d. …..

Enjoy it here!

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